Galleria Continua celebrates its 30-year anniversary in Rome

Installation view of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu "If I Died", (2020) at Galleria Continua 's new space in St. Regis of Rome

Galleria Continua celebrates this year its 30-year Anniversary opening a new gallery in the heart of the historic city of Rome, in the premises of the iconic St. Regis Hotel. For the Italian gallery of Contemporary Art established in San Gimignano (Tuscany) in 1994 – and which remains its headquarters – this is the fifth gallery in the world after Beijing in 2004, France in 2007 and Cuba in 2014.

The Galleria Continua has always distinguished itself by exploring different art disciplines or discovering new international emerging talents out of the ordinary paths of the Art World

The opening event at the St. Regis Hotel is a great success and a celebration for Contemporary Art in the capital city in the presence of Lorenzo Fiaschi, Mario Cristiani, two of the founders of Galleria Continua, and Giuseppe De Martino, the Director of the St. Regis Hotel. Among the numerous guests, Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, the Director of the MAXXI Art Museum of Contemporary Art, the Roman Art critic and curator Alessandra MAMMI, the artist José Yaque, Flaminia Orsini, Saverio Ferragina and Camilla Alibrandi, Marco Rabacchi and Olga Shuldyk.

The opening follows a series of collaborations between Galleria Continua and the St. Regis started in 2018 with the exhibitions of several international names of Contemporary Art : Loris Cecchini (CLOUDLESS 2006-2018, WATERBONES (Stochastic Choral Sinphony) 2018), Pascale Martine Tayou (Exhibition view ‘Jungle Fever’, Colonne coloniale 2015), Sun Yuan & Peng Yu (If I Died 2013) and for the opening exhibition of the gallery in Rome : José Yaque (Tumba Abierta 2020, glass bottles, water, plant residues ; Mimetita II 2019, acrylic paint and enamel on canvas ; Linarita VII 2019, acrylic paint and enamel on canvas).

This is an incredible success story for Galleria Continua founded in the form of a cultural association at the initiative of three friends – Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo in 1994 in a 30-meter-square ex cinema from San Gimignano which has become over 30 years one of the most famous names of international contemporary art galleries listed in the exclusive 100 Power List 2019 of the British ArtReview magazine.

the projects happened because we met people sharing the same vision

Mario Cristiani, Co-Founder of Galleria Continua

For the three founders of Galleria Continua, Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo it all started from the friendship of three very different and complimentary characters sharing a common vision placing the Art at the center of the Liberty of the individual. The success of the Art gallery and its missions (profit and non profit) was not something obvious nor planned, but rather as Mario Cristiani says with humility “the projects happened because we met people sharing the same vision“. Just like the opening of the gallery at the St Regis with the Director and Art passionate Giuseppe De Martino : “we launched a series of collaborations and it ended in the opening of a gallery”.

The Galleria Continua has always distinguished itself by exploring different art disciplines or discovering new international emerging talents out of the ordinary paths of the Art World. A major accomplishment for the democratization and transmission of contemporary Art in the world creating bridges between Italy and the rest of the world.

The works featured for the opening of the Roman gallery are from the Cuban Artist José Yaque who presents in the second part of our podcast his paintings and installations he prepared appositely for the exhibition of tonight.

The project of Galleria Continua for Rome goes beyond the achievement of opening in such a prestigious and luxury location, the aim is to educate new generations to contemporary art through new art experiences and also to extend to other places of the city. Offering crossed visions of contemporary art allowing to create your own perception.

The Galleria Continua is present in all major international Art fairs like Art Basel in Hong Kong from March 20 to 25 2020, for the first time through viewing rooms, featuring the works of international renowned artists such as Leandro Erlich, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Pascale Martine Tayou.

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