Bav Tailor : Fashion, Meditation and the New Moon

The collection of Bav Tailor showing Masculine and Feminine Yoga looks

Today my guest on the Podcast is Bav Tailor, London-based founder of the eponymous brand of women’s clothing and accessories, and more recently of Menswear and Genderless fashion. We talk about Fashion, Meditation and New Moon in this short interview that will allow you to discover a new vision of fashion, more spiritual and conscious.

2Goodmedia, podcast partner of Rome Fashion Week

2Goodmedia is invited as a New Digital Media based on multilingual podcast to follow during 4 days the Rome Fashion Week 2021 that takes place in Rome in the mythical film studios of Cinecittà.

My guest on the podcast at the Rome Fashion Week is Bav Tailor

Bav Tailor is an English brand, having chosen Italy to base an important part of its production. I met Bav Tailor at Rome Fashion Week where she presented her new collection and talked about her projects. Without forgetting her interest in meditation, from which she draws her life balance and her vision of a conscious fashion for the planet and for others.

Meditation and New Moon

I take you with this discussion into Bav Tailor’s universe to talk Spirituality, New Moon, and discover that we share a common interest in the guru Sadhguru, followed by millions of followers around the world and author of Best sellers published in many languages.

Bav tells us today the story of her two grandfathers, renowned tailors in India…

Bav Tailor, Designer and Founder

Fashion for Bav is a project that goes far beyond simple clothing. Her project, as she tells 2Goodmedia, is to create a brand that is conscious of and committed to the planet and to people. Bav Tailor is a very active brand without borders, collaborating with artisans and designers from all over the world for their exceptional and unique know-how: in India, Turkey, Africa. Bav lives between London and Milan, and many pieces of her collections are Made in Italy. Bav tells us today the story of her two grandfathers, renowned tailors in India, especially for Menswear, a family sartorial tradition that guides and inspires her every day.

What is Conscious Fashion?

It seems to me from the discussions I had with Bav that we are far beyond what we call a sustainable brand in the fashion world. Bav prefers the term Consciousness to define her passionate and holistic universe around her collections. It also encompasses the search for innovative natural materials and collaborations with artisans. I particularly enjoy meeting Bav and having these enlightening discussions about a new vision of fashion, more spiritual and personal. You absolutely must listen to her to understand what I’m talking about.


You can contact Bav Tailor on her Instagram account @Bavtailor or on the website of the brand.

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