NINAEL Roma – Growth strategy for an independent Handbag Label

Illustrations by Gabriele Melodia of Ninael Roma Handbags

My guest on the podcast is Elena Longhi, Founder & Designer of NINAEL ROMA, an independent Handbag label Made in Italy. You will learn what are the opportunities in the US Market for an independent label of Luxury Handcrafted Bags Made in Italy like Ninael Roma, showing in New York and which was awarded Best Design and independent label.

December, 15th 2020 | Rome, Italy
By Delphine Souquet


Who is Elena Longhi?

My guest on the podcast is Elena Longhi, Founder & Designer of Ninael Roma, an independent handbag label Made in Italy.

Since the beginning we’ve understood that the American market is a strategic market for Ninael Roma

Elena Longhi

Mother of three, passionate of Trail running, Elena Longhi is also a busy entrepreneur working on all aspects to growth her label : content strategy, distribution channels, development of the e-commerce, etc.

Ninael Roma : an independent handbag label

The collections of NINAEL ROMA are inspired by 70’s in America and Club 74, a period of intense social changes and freedom. The design of Ninael Roma are easily recognizable with long metal chains, and each bag is carefully produced by hand. The iconic bag is the second SKIN bag, designed for an adventurous woman, a free spirit and a leader.

Artisanal process : From drawings to the first prototype

It’s difficult to find an Artisan and supplier when launching an independent handbag label

Elena Longhi

After a career in Advertising, Elena Longhi decided to create her own label in 2015 after showing her drawings to a Tuscan Artisan who designed the first prototype of her future collection. Then it all went very quickly with the first samples and the participation to Altaroma, the launching platforms for the Designers of the Made in Italy.

We have discussed during the podcast recording how difficult it is for a Designer to contractualise with an Artisan and Supplier for the initial production launch. The main reasons are the small quantities produced and the risk of business. Even Ninael Roma found it difficult until Elena met a Tuscan Artisan ready to change her drawings into the first prototype.

International Handbag fairs and events

Sine the very beginning, the participation to shows and international fairs has been key to develop the visibility of the brand to Buyers and the Media.

MIPEL in Milan

NINAEL Roma has immediately showed in the most important Italian and American fairs for Handbags accessories. First at MIPEL in Milan were the brand gained much interest and then came very quickly the opportunity to showcase in New York.

The Shows in New York for an independent handbag label

Ninael Roma has shown three times in different fairs for independent handbags labels in NY, and received a great feedback with two awards for Best independent handbag label and another for Best in Style & Design.

Since the very beginning, Elena Longhi has understood that the American market was a strategic market for NINAEL Roma as it recognizes the Made in Italy independent labels of handcrafted products.

Podcast recorded Live at Altaroma

This is a Special Podcast registered Live at the Showcase during ALTAROMA, the Rome Fashion Week. The Showcase is a presentation of the Designer’s collection and the best moment to have a conversation with the emerging designers of the Made in Italy. They show their collections to the Media and buyers. ALTAROMA is the largest event in Italy dedicated to emerging Fashion designers, Italian or international, associated to the MADE IN ITALY. The 2 main projects of ALTAROMA are Showcase, to present the Emerging Designers latest collections, and Who’s on Next? co-organized by ALTAROMA and VOGUE ITALIA. 

Listen to the Podcast Episode on 2Goodmedia

Now it’s time to listen the direct Voice of Elena Longhi from Ninael Roma in the Podcast of 2Goodmedia. I hope you will be inspired by the strategy and the collections of this independent Italian Label and find our explanations useful. Let us know in comments on iTunes or Spotify!!

You can contact Elena Longhi on her website and buy on the E-Shop, or Instagram account :

Language : ENGLISH. Elena Longhi is Italian living in Parma. All the podcasts are scripted in three languages French, Italian, English on our website 2Goodmedia with the portrays of the Guests ; the photographies of the Fashion collections ; and the sketches and illustrations by Gabriele Melodia.

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