Alessandra Cappiello, The Timeless Classic of MORFOSIS

Morfosis Timeless Collection SS21 Illustration by Gabriele Melodia

Alessandra Cappiello explains on the podcast of 2Goodmedia the concept of Timeless classic which best describes the style of Morfosis Women. A notion of Timeless which is returning on the Fashion scene and which has always been a fundamental for Morfosis. Alessandra Cappiello, is a Roman Designer heir to an artistic family tradition, with the influence of her grandmother, the painter Anna Grauso. When she decided to found her own label, Morfosis, she naturally privileged an artigianal production Made in Italy.

September, 29th 2020 | Rome, Italy
By Delphine Souquet

#23 Alessandra Cappiello – Designer and Founder – The Timeless Classic of MORFOSIS

My guest on the Podcast today is Alessandra Cappiello, Designer and Founder of the Brand Morfosis. This is a Special Podcast registered Live during ALTAROMA, the Rome Fashion Week.

Alessandra Cappiello is my guest for the second time on 2Goodmedia’s Podcast (link to our previous podcast below) and it’s an emotion to meet us again physically (and not digitally) at Altaroma after the period of the Covid-19 lock down.

Who is Alessandra Cappiello ?

Alessandra Cappiello is the Roman Designer and Founder of Morfosis.

Being present today is a symbol of true resilience for the brands showing a capsule collection in those difficult conditions

Alessandra Cappiello

We registered the podcast with Alessandra at the Showcase of Altaroma where Alessandra Cappiello is showing her capsule for the first time after the Lockdown period, just two days before the Fashion show at the Rome Fashion Week.

Nobody could ascertain two weeks ago that the Rome Fashion Week would be held as a physical event. Being present today is a symbol of true resilience for the brands showing a capsule collection in those difficult conditions. This is also a commitment to all the women, who inspire so much Alessandra Cappiello in her creations, giving them a message of brightness and lightness through her colorful and joyful capsule enriched with meaningful attentions and details.

How to define Morfosis Timeless Classic ?

The wonderful Classic and Luxurious Palazzo Brancaccio chosen for the presentation is just perfect to talk about the style of MORFOSIS matured over the last “metamorphoses” collections around the concept: Timeless Classic.  

“Classic is Timeless because it brings an intrinsic value inherited from the attention to the style and to the quality”

As explains Alessandra Cappiello.

I asked Alessandra Cappiello in the podcast to show me, in the pieces of the collection presented today, all the particularities and all the details which make the difference and are characteristics of Timeless Classic and the story behind it  as :

  • The Embellishment with feathers
  • The quality Prints
  • The use of exclusive materials
  • The touches of lights inserted in the fabrics
  • The elaborate seams 


What is Altaroma ?

ALTAROMA is the largest event in Italy dedicated to emerging Fashion designers, Italian or international, associated to the MADE IN ITALY. The 2 main projects of ALTAROMA are Showcase, to present the Emerging Designers latest collections to the Media and Buyers, and Who’s on Next? co-organized between ALTAROMA and VOGUE ITALIA. MORFOSIS is also present every year at the WHITESHOW B2B fair organized in Milan. 

Live Podcast with Designers at Altaroma

This is a Special Podcast registered Live during ALTAROMA, the Rome Fashion Week. The Showcase, a presentation organized after the runway, is the best moment to have a conversation with emerging designers. They show their collections Made in Italy to the Media and buyers.

We also talked about entrepreneurship, digital and e commerce skills. A necessary investment for MORFOSIS and an opportunity to reach a larger audience as Alessandra Cappiello explains it in the podcast.

Now it’s time to listen the direct Voice of Alessandra Cappiello in the Podcast. I hope you will be inspired. Let us know in comments!!

Language : Italian. The interview is always in the original language of the interviewee to hear the direct voice of people that shape the Art and Fashion industry today.

You can contact Allessandra Cappiello on the website of MORFOSIS  or directly on : Instagram : @Morfosis_it

If you want to listen for stories about the Brand Morfosis, listen to our previous conversation podcast with Alessandra Cappiello registered Live in backstage of her Fashion show at Altaroma 2019 with all the pictures.


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