Bav Tailor, Conscious Luxury and Sustainable Fashion

Bav Tailor SS21 Illustration by GabrieleMelodia

Bav Tailor has defined the concept of Conscious Luxury and applied it to her namesake Sustainable Label : BAV TAILOR. You will learn a lot about Sustainability in the Luxury Fashion Industry with this Podcast conversation with Bav Tailor registered Live at the Rome Fashion Week 2020.

September, 25th 2020 | Rome, Italy
By Delphine Souquet

#22 Bav Tailor– BAV TAILOR – All you need to know about Conscious Luxury and the importance of Sustainability in Fashion

My guest on the Podcast today is someone very Special, Bav Tailor, one of the most inspiring personality I have ever met during my Fashion Weeks reportages for the podcast in Italy. We are sharing on 2Goodmedia the same vision about the Future of Society and the importance of Sustainability in Fashion.

Bav Tailor PORTRAY 2020

Who is Bav Tailor ?

Bav is a Young English Designer born in London who has defined a new important concept of sustainable Fashion : Conscious Luxury.

It is not a time for criticizing. The importance in Sustainability is that everyone starts

Bav Tailor

A family tradition of Luxury Craftsmanship in India

Bav Tailor is a Young English Designer born in London, Indian by origin with a long family tradition of Luxury Craftsmanship inherited from her Grandfathers in India. A story so inspiring but it would be a limitation to stop there to explain who Bav Tailor is and where her inspiration comes from. Indeed, my feeling is that her origins is only the beginning of the story of Who Bav Tailor is, a starting point, as she has committed to work in Fashion after her Grandfathers to rise the challenges of Sustainability.

What is Conscious Luxury Sustainable ?

Conscious Luxury is a commitment to Sustainable Fashion and the highest respect for the environment or the people working in the Fashion industry. For Bav Tailor this is an unconditional commitment guiding the strategy for her brand and which is translated in the way she runs her business.

The Label Bav Tailor

The Brand was founded in London back in 2015, and the production is Made in Italy, with the sourcing of sustainable fabrics from around the globe, for this Nomad spirit as Bav likes defining herself. 

Bav Tailor has defined a new important concept of sustainable Fashion : Conscious Luxury. A concept reflected in her personality as you will hear in the Podcast and transposed in her young promising sustainable Label BAV TAILOR.

Brand values

BAV TAILOR proposes a collective fusion of non-conformist clothing of generationless silhouettes and effortless geometrical volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies and wellness certified natural or recycled materials that represent true hallmarks of authentic100% Made in Italy through a ‘360° sustainability manifesto’ which endeavours to support the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’.

The pieces of the collection are Timeless and available on client order whatever the season or the collection.

Sustainable and quality certifications

The collections of BAV TAiLOR, following the mantra ‘respect your body + your sphere’, are a hymn to the beauty of the world, exhort to show love for space, mind and body.  This philosophy is demonstrated by the use of materials certified for sustainability and quality from suppliers according to the following categories: ISO 9001 / / Traceability & fashion / GOTS / EU Ecolabel / ICEA / Fiducia Nel tessile / CAN / Color system project / Global recycle standards / Oeko-tex / FSC/Wastemark.

Innovative sustainable materials and fabrics

  • Qoperfina® Copper, combining the finest combed organic cotton with pure and natural Angelina copper staple fibre
  • MARM/MORE, derived from Italian marble stone waste
  • Q-NOVA®, an environmentally-sustainable nylon blend fabric for the Shanti Yoga pieces
  • TENCEL™ Modal extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fibre process
  • Eco-green certified Biellese naturally dyed linen/cotton blend

TAOMODA special Eco-Luxury award 2020

BAV TAILOR is an emerging Sustainable Label already successful with a number of recognitions. Last week Bav Tailor was awarded the special Eco-Luxury award of TAOMODA 2020 during the Taormina (Sicily) Fashion Week for the project #Togetherfortomorrow with Camera Moda Fashion Trust.

A Young Luxury Label noticed by the Media and Trends Agencies like WGSN during the Covid period for her conscious Fashion. 

What you will learn from this Podcast ?

I particularly enjoyed listening to Bav Tailor tell me about her vision and accomplishments for her sustainable label. I also learnt a lot about Sustainability, the sourcing of fabrics, and the initiatives and platforms available in the UK, in advance on those topics. This is not surprisingly that Bav Tailor was chosen the same morning to talk Live at Altaroma and testify about Sustainability in the Fashion Industry. 

In this podcast, you will learn from BAV TAILOR about her accomplishments in Sustainable Fashion and about her entrepreneurial experience :

  • The story of her label and inspirations, her philosophy of Conscious Fashion
  • The large variety of sustainable, recycled Fabrics she is sourcing for her collections
  • Her relations to the Suppliers and how she built it
  • The UK platforms for supporting Sustainable Fashion Brands : BAV TAiLOR is a member of Positive Fashion and the Institute of Positive Fashion on the initiative of the British Fashion Council, a platform designed to celebrate industry best practice and encourage future business decisions to create positive change setting industry standards on 3 Pillars :
  • Bav Tailor is awarded with the Butterfly Mark for a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and [CO Leader 2019] at Common Objective, a sustainability platform for the entire fashion industry to do business better for a better world, including Orsola De Castro from Fashion Revolution as a Founding Member ; both are UK global platforms for sustainable fashion
  • The state of the Fashion industry regarding sustainability : Fast Fashion, Emerging brands, Established Fashion Brands
  • Her new Yoga collection called Shanti
  • Her collaboration with an agency with a platform on Storytelling

Bav Tailor is a conscious and shining person, a spiritual soul involved in Sustainable Fashion to create Poetry through her timeless collections : “I decided to remain in the Fashion Industry but to change it. It is not a time for criticizing. The importance in Sustainability is that everyone starts” as she explains in our Podcast conversation.

Bav Tailor SS21 Collection at ALTAROMA

ALTAROMA is the largest event in Italy dedicated to emerging Fashion designers, Italian or international, associated to the MADE IN ITALY. The 2 main projects of ALTAROMA are Showcase, to present the Emerging Designers latest collections to the Media and Buyers, and Who’s on Next? co-organized between ALTAROMA and VOGUE ITALIA. BAV TAILOR was finalist last year of the context Who’s on Next 2019.

This is a Special Podcast registered Live during ALTAROMA, the Rome Fashion Week. The Showcase, a presentation organized after the runway, is the best moment to have a conversation with emerging designers. They show their collections Made in Italy to the Media and buyers.

Now it’s time to listen the direct Voice of Bav Tailor in the Podcast. I hope you will be inspired and find it useful for your sustainable business. Let us know in comments!!


You can contact Bav Tailor on her website  and subscribe to her Special Newsletter or directly on :

Instagram : @bavtailor , Facebook, LinkedIn

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