Thierry Mouele, French influencer at Pitti Uomo

Thierry Mouele portrait avec le chapeau d'Anthony  Peto

2Goodpodcast : Thierry Mouele – Why I would recommend to any influencer of Menstyle to show in Pitti Uomo?

How to turn a participation to Pitti Uomo as an influencer of Menstyle into an opportunity to make your own creations.

Thierry Mouele, If you don’t know him yet, is a French influencer of Gentleman style. The so called Dandy or rather Gentleman style , is very much appreciated from fashion addicts and is growing in reputation as does the Pitti Uomo event in Florence (Italy). Pitti Uomo, is the international Fashion fair for men’s clothes and accessories which happens in Florence twice a year.

My first impression when talking to Thierry Mouele is an immediate connection to his mode of speaking about style : clear thoughts, very clever sense, a rational and yet very sensitive mind. For Thierry Mouele, Pitti Uomo is the perfect stage for expressing his freedom of tastes and will of dressing. “Welcome to excentricity” this is how Thierry celebrates the opening of Pitti Uomo! It feels so good to give the way to the liberty of wearing excentric clothes, bright colors, try new accessories like the yellow feather he chose as a pocket square.

“Coquetterie” is an option that should be opened to everybody, not only woman. As Thierry says, Man is a “Wannabe Woman” and is all to often afraid of the opinion of others.

We talked about the existence of a community of Gentleman style? About the appropriate length for a short pant? About the upcoming trends he noticed during PU97? The British style. Which are the brands that sponsored influencers of Menstyle to show in Pitti? What are the opportunities during and after Pitti Uomo for an influencer of Menstyle? Very interesting tips for an influencer looking to show in Pitti Uomo or a Brand searching for visibility.

If you want to know more about Pitti Uomo :

The kings of Pitti Uomo

Language of the interview : French original language

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