Raul Vidal, a Spanish influencer at Pitti Uomo

Raúl Vidal at Pitti Uomo on real Fashion

2Goodmedia meets the influencers present during Pitti Uomo, the most important international Menstyle fair. Today, we meet Raul Vidal Influencer of Men’s Fashion who is in his second participation. He explains in this Podcast the reasons for his presence in Pitti Uomo as a Dandy influencer but also as a Spanish Fashion entrepreneur. Listen to our short talk on the Podcast to learn more about Raúl Vidal and his label: Maison Drapers.

Who is Raul Vidal influencer Menstyle at Pitti Uomo?

Are you curious to know more about the stylished Men present during the international Fair of Pitti Uomo in Florence?

Raul Vidal is a Spanish influencer who created his own Sartorial Brand named Maison Drapers in Spain 3 years ago. We are registering this interview podcast during Pitti Immagine Uomo 97.

What is Pitti Uomo ?

Pitti Uomo is the largest annual international Men’s Fashion Fair which happens twice a year in the city of Florence, Italy. The biggest brands of men’s fashion are present to sell their collections of ready-to-wear and accessories to buyers from all over the world. It is also a great meeting point for all the players in the Menstyle Fashion sector. Menstyle influencers come there to discover the trends of the upcoming season, and also to represent brands as testimonials.

Podcast interview with Raul Vidal Influencer at Pitti Uomo

What does Raul Vidal do in Pitti Uomo?

Raúl Vidal tells us the reasons for his presence in Pitti, what he is looking for that cannot be found in any other Fashion fair. This is his second participation at the International fair. After presenting his collection last July, he is back in Florence for the January edition which is the most interesting, as he tells us. In fact, the men’s winter collections are made up of more important outdoor pieces such as coats and jackets.

Pitti Uomo has the largest number of Fashion exhibitors in January, as it is also the first Fashion event of the year which opens the International Fashion calendar. This is what makes Pitti Uomo unique worldwide. After Pitti Uomo, the fashion professionals will attend the Fashion Week in Milan and then in Paris.

Raúl Vidal is mainly present in Florence during Pitti for two objectives:

Discover the trends of Real Fashion

First objective : meeting with other social media influencers from all over the world to share interests about Menstyle trends and real Street Fashion. The Real Fashion worn by super stylish men from all over the world and present for a week in Pitti Uomo.

Present the collection of his young label Maison Drapers

Second objective of Raúl Vidal : presenting his own label Maison Drapers, benchmarking with pairs’ collections, trends, competitors from all over the world, etc  

Why are young Fashion entrepreneurs exhibiting in Pitti?

Through this conversation, I wanted to understand what does Pitti represent for a Spanish Sartorial Label? Which Menstyle trends are presented for this winter edition 2020? What is the difference between Pitti Uomo and the Spanish Fashion Week for emerging labels?

What can you learn from Raul Vidal in this Podcast?

Hear the direct voice of Fashion influencers

You will hear the direct voice of this young and very stylish Spanish entrepreneur. I like to let the guests of the Podcast express themselves in their mother tongue, without language barrier. The podcast is always in the original language of the interviewee with no filter.

You will be able to hear other Podcast interviews registered during Pitti Uomo in French with Thierry Mouele or in Italian with Niccolo Cesari.

Convey the Live Atmosphere of Pitti Uomo

Listening to this discussion will help you understand the atmosphere of Pitti Uomo.

I hope to convey to you a part of the atmosphere of Pitti Uomo because this podcast is recorded live during the Fashion fair. I like to take part in major Fashion Events to record Live Podcasts, which allows me to share the excitement of discovering new trends and collections. The questions are not prepared in advance, what I’m trying to grasp is the Fashion moment and share real emotions with my guests.

Show the benefits of exhibiting at Pitti Uomo for a young label

Finally, you will discover the interest of exhibiting at the Italian Fashion fair of Pitti Uomo for a young emerging Spanish brand. Pitti Uomo is often presented as the best Men’s Fashion fair to present the collections to buyers from around the world. Young labels can exhibit their collections in Pitti even before having showrooms and retail shops yet.

Do you want to know more about Pitti Uomo Menstyle influencers?

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Language : Spanish. The interview is always in the original language of the interviewee to hear the direct voice of people that shape the Art and Fashion industry today.

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