Federico Cina lancia un inno ai Bei tempi degli anni ’50

Federico Cina, if you do not know him yet, is one of the names to remember of the new generation of talented Italian designers. A graduate of the famous Italian fashion school Polimoda, he is also the winner of the 2019 “Who’s on Next” Fashion Contest held every year in partnership between the Fashion magazine Vogue Italia and the Rome Fashion Week.

Federico Cina is often compared to the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus born in Salon de Provence and who celebrated in June 2019 the 10 years anniversary of his namesake label by taking the Parisian fashion people to attend his show entitled “Le coup de soleil” in a lavender field in the Southern part of France. Perhaps we draw parallels between the two designers for a few reasons. Firstly, they are both young creators born in provincial regions inspired by their childhood and nostalgia of the country life. Secondly they both love “oversized” hats and twist them with modern and contemporary outfits! But Federico Cina creates Men’s collections unlike Jacquemus who has gain much popularity though his feminine friends Models and influencers. So many differences with Federico Cina, who keeps a cool head and keeps the world of social medias at a reasonable distance.

The visibility offered by Altaroma is also an opportunity for the Italian designer to give a social meaning to his show, as he always does.

This F/W 2020 collection is a true tribute to the Italy of the 1950s, a very tough period after the war but during which human relations were stronger and essential with the hope for the people to rebuild a better world. A more natural and human Fashion, which are the two main components of Federico Cina’s identity and style. The outfits for this collection are inspired by the work of the Italian master Vittorio Tonelli, native of Sarsinia and passionate about the culture and history of Romagna. Tonelli has made an important anthropological and photographic reconstruction of post-war Italy, which inspired the Italian designer for his show at the Roman Fashion Week.

Federico Cina has always been very attached to the identity and history of his native territory, to the culinary or craft traditions. Instead of the famous label “Made in italy”, he likes to joke and remind that his brand is “Made in Romagna”, his home region. Moreover, some accessories, such as gloves and hats that have become emblematic of his collections, are handcrafted with traditional methods. The entire collection is sartorial ready-to-wear tailored in local atelier. The brand is known for its blue prints which are painted by hand as in traditional Romagna.

As Federico Cina explains, this whole collection as the Fashion show music itself is a hymn to love dedicated to Life in general. In this collection, we find the handmade prints but this time with a focus on the Blue color : “we find few colors but very bright ones”. And as always in the collections of Federico Cina, the quality of the Tailord ready-to-wear that distinguishes the real Made in italy.

The choice of the Fashion show music is well appropriate with the melancholy Italian love song of Sergio Endrigo “Lontano dagli occhi”, it is a poetic and somewhat melancholic vision that Federico Cina offers us, inviting us to dive into his wonderful creative universe.

Federico Cina seeks to reconcile tradition and modernity, without being afraid to resist the age of social media and the figure of the Influencer, preferring direct communication for his brand, favouring a more natural and human fashion. It is important that the customers of his brand like his creations rather than the public figure who wears them. He feels very concerned by the risk that handcrafted know-how will disappear with the elders. But like others of his generation he rises to act in support of this artistic and creative heritage, with the hope that others like him will get involved in the preservation and transmission of traditions.

In backstage of Altaroma Fashion show of Federico Cina – Fall / Winter 2020

Like Jacquemus, Federico Cina immediately appealed to the public and the media who supported him. On the other hand, the confrontation with the market has always been more complex as he recognizes it, preferring to take his time to make the right development choices for his brand.

“Right after the victory of “Who’s on Next”, I started working again for the production of this collection and I went looking for the right partners for the brand. Everything went very fast for the launch of the brand, I now wanted to take the time to realize the right choices for the Wholesale strategy or for the choice of our showroom. Also for now, I am still an independent designer and the collection is available on order only!”

After the victory at Altaroma, the brand went on to launch an advertising campaign filmed in the native region of the designer, named Sarsina, with a focus on the Blue sky, which has become the emblematic color of the brand. For this very personal campaign, Federico China set-up a team of friends photographers and videographers, Gabriele Rosati and Beatrice Vesprini, who understood him perfectly and were able to convey his creative universe.

In the backstage of the Altaroma show, we find Federico Cina surrounded by his team and his favorite models : Jacopo Gian Maria Ercoli and Saverio Papucci. The Federico Cina clan is also made up of his designer friends: Mirco Hepburn Arena, whom we met in backstage of Byblos fashion show, the famous Italian brand, and also Fabio Bigondi, Streetstyle designer known for his own collection “Sons of guns”. A new Italian generation of committed designers that we will soon find on the Italian or Parisian catwalks.

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